News reader for GNOME


Simple User Experience

Add your favorite feeds, start reading the latest news. It’s that simple.

Read what matters

Organize your feeds with tags, and filter by either single feed or by tag. Only read what you want to read.

As simple as it gets

Cut the clutter of modern websites.

Reader mode

For a consistent experience. Just text and the important pictures, get to the juice of an article.

Feed content

Read the feed summary to quickly go through the essentials.

Web view

For the full package. Get the complete experience from your favorite websites, with JavaScript disabled by default. After all, you just want to read the article.

Now with ad blocking!

Large feed collection? Import it!

Feeds supports importing and exporting your feed collection from and to OPML so that you can migrate in a matter of seconds.

Dark mode

Switch between light and dark mode.

Have it your way

Customize your experience with a large range of preferences and options.


Feeds is built with mobile Linux in mind. Got a new shiny GNU+Linux smartphone? Then Feeds is the news reader you’ve been looking for!


Arch Linux

Arch Linux

View the AUR page
yay -S gfeeds-git


sudo dnf install gnome-feeds
Debian (unstable)

Debian (unstable)

sudo apt install gnome-feeds


Feeds is written using Python 3 and GTK. It’s free software, released under the GPL3 license. Feel free to browse the source code on the GitLab repository, fork it, make changes or open issues!


Have you found a bug? Do you want a new feature? Whatever the case, opening an issue is never a bad idea. You can do that on Feeds’s issues page